Save Movies to locations based on Genre (using existing Root Path locations)

Allow saving of movies based on Movie Genre's (define default genre tags for each Root Folder)

Each Root Folder should have tag identifiers that sort the Requested (and completed) Movies into. Similar to the way User folder defaults are done, except use Tags instead of Users to determine which Root folder

Video has 'Documentary' genre = Radarr Root Folder (with Documentary tag) saves to "d:\Videos\Documentaries" (from Radarr),
Video has 'Animation' genre = Radarr Root Folder (with 'Animation' tag) saves to "r:\Video\Animation\" (from Radarr)

TV shows already have locations set once the show is added to the middle-ware, however NEW shows can also source the Root Folders (from Sonarr/Sick*,etc.) in the same way as above.

Global level Tagging (on the Radarr Root Folder import page) or User level Tagging (on the User Page) can be done.

The Order in which the tags are defined should determine the priority for sorting and removed from other Root Folder tag options to void conflicts.

Under consideration Suggested by: qqq Upvoted: 24 Nov, '21 Comments: 0

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