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The ability to have a section where users are able to create a watchlist of things they want to watch.

It would be able to leverage already implemented features such as web link to plex, request management (users can put items on the watchlist, but not necessarily request it yet).

1. User logs in and selects things the want to be on their list, both movies and TV
2. If Ombi does not leverage what has already been watched in Plex, users are manually able to select watched/unwatched statuses.
3. When a user is ready to move onto the next series/movie, they are able to click "request" and it follows standard ombi process.
4. Users will be able to fully manage their wish/watchlists with watched/unwatched/delete/add permissions.

This would make Ombi far more utilized and there is currently no other system that leverages what Ombi leverages whilst also being a watchlist. The closest is Flox, but work has been stopped on that. Ombi already has 99% of the features already implemented.

Under consideration Suggested by: modem7 Upvoted: 05 Jan Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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